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Tracing Earth's transformation

The work explores the subtle yet significant ways in which human activities reshape the natural landscape. This collection features large format paintings derived from meticulous observation of land-moving vehicles and their impact on terrain, as captured through satellite imagery.

Each piece in this series, measuring 1300mm by 1300mm, represents over 100 hours of dedication to detail. I've translated the complex patterns of these images into more than 1500 hand-plotted lines, stretching over a mile in length, to construct visuals that invite a closer look.

At first, these paintings might seem straightforward, but a closer inspection reveals a network of intricate details that mirror the complexity of human interactions with the earth. Through this project, I aim to offer a window into the often overlooked yet profound effects of our presence in natural spaces, encouraging viewers to reflect on the delicate balance between human progress and environmental stewardship.

These works are an invitation to appreciate the layered beauty of modified landscapes and to ponder the broader implications of our everyday choices on the environment. My hope is that "Geomorphosis" fosters a deeper understanding and appreciation of our surroundings, inspiring curiosity and a thoughtful exploration of the world we are shaping.

To see which works from this series are available for purchase click here.