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Emergent Forms

Exploring the transformation of AI generation through multiple iterations.

The work explores AI-driven art, where ordinary objects transform into unexpected new shapes through the power of artificial intelligence. This series begins with simple images, like a hand-drawn grenade that gradually becomes a whimsical Christmas bauble, or a stick that morphs into a bone, showcasing the surprising and often unpredictable capabilities of AI.

At the heart of this project is the ancient symbol of the uroboros—the snake eating its own tail—which reflects the ongoing cycle of creation and transformation in the artwork. This symbol helps to frame the continuous interplay between the AI’s algorithms and my creative direction, which together produce a constantly evolving series of images.

The theme of "model collapse"—where the AI begins to lose touch with the original input and drift into its own creative interpretations—is a key aspect of this work. This phenomenon raises questions about the balance between AI independence and its alignment with human perspectives.

In "Emergent Forms," transformations can be subtle yet profound. For instance, the American flag subtly degrades over time, becoming a series of abstract lines, prompting reflections on the changing nature of national identity. Similarly, the iconic Las Vegas sign shifts into the letters "XXX," evoking thoughts about the fleetingness of desires and the commercialization of experiences.

Each piece in the series not only showcases the technical wonders of AI but also invites viewers to consider deeper societal and philosophical questions. Through "Emergent Forms," I aim to engage audiences in a dialogue about how technology mirrors and influences our understanding of the world around us.