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Emergent Forms

Exploring the transformation of AI generation through multiple iterations.

Exploration into the iterative transformation of AI-generated art begins with simple prompts, such as 'a photorealistic pencil drawing of a hand grenade on a pristine white background.' From an initial set of four distinct images, one is randomly selected. The AI then regenerates this image, which in turn produces four new variations. This process is perpetuated until an unexpected transformation materializes—like a grenade morphing into a Christmas bauble.

Central to this process is the theme of 'model collapse,' a phenomenon where the AI begins to diverge from the original input, iteratively drifting into its own creative interpretations and establishing a new baseline with each generation. This raises poignant questions about the balance between AI autonomy and its alignment with the perceived norms of human IRL inputs.

An intriguing instance of this exploration is observed when an image of planet Earth begins to transform into a solar eclipse. Midway through this transformation, the visual appears to momentarily attempt to form an image of a human fetus—a subject it is explicitly programmed to avoid depicting. This fleeting moment serves as a profound example of the AI testing the boundaries of its programming, pushing against its own pre-determined limits, and brings into question the latent capabilities and ethical boundaries of AI systems.