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Metaphysical artefact

"Cast[ian]" centers around a simple yet evocative object: a 10kg lump of iron. This piece embodies a period of personal challenge, serving not only as a symbol of endurance but also as a physical benchmark for my experiences.

Iron is chosen for its durability and heft, symbolizing the substantial nature of our life's challenges and the resilience required to overcome them. The raw, unrefined state of the iron accentuates the emotional burden "Cast[ian]" represents, highlighting the profound impact and permanence of the struggles it embodies.

This work invites viewers to reflect on the significance of personal objects in shaping our views and memories. "Cast[ian]" acts as an anchor, a tangible reminder of past adversities faced and lessons learned. It underscores the uniqueness of personal history and its role in shaping our understanding of our place in the world.

Additionally, the project encourages an exploration of memory and emotional significance. It challenges viewers to consider how personal objects may carry immense emotional weight, urging a reevaluation of what truly holds value. By focusing on personal experiences and perceptions, "Cast[ian]" questions the idea of universal value, emphasizing that our understanding of worth is deeply personal and subjective.